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Commercial-scale solar solutions from A to Z


Solar Generator Rental

Enerwhere provides cost-efficient, reliable temporary power, using our fleet of transportable solar PV equipment. We synchronize the solar power plant with high-efficiency diesel generators or batteries to provide reliable power 24/7, even when the sun is not shining.

Enerwhere service includes the solar equipment, batteries / diesel generators (optional) and all other required hardware. We also take care of:

  • Site assessment
  • Mobilization
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Remote monitoring & reporting
  • Demobilization
  • Fuel supply & management (optional)

Our solar generator rental offering is tailor-made for construction sites, camps, concrete batching plants, and other temporary power requirements.

Find out more on our dedicated solar generator rental page or get started by sending us a rental inquiry.


Solar Mini-Grids

Our commercial-scale solar mini-grids combine rugged solar equipment with either diesel generators, batteries, or both as part of a hybrid system. This built-in redundancy helps them produce reliable power year in year out for decades.

Enerwhere offers a full suite of services for mini-grids, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Installation
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Remote monitoring & reporting
  • Financing, e.g. through a long-term lease or power purchase agreement (PPA)

More details are available on our solar mini-grids page.

Or get started on your own mini-grid by telling us about your requirements and our sales team will be in touch to discuss the possibilities.


‘Shams Dubai’ Solar Program

Since early 2015, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) allows its customers to produce their own solar power and sell any excess back to the grid. This so-called ‘net metering’ allows customers to reduce their electricity bill to zero by producing up to 100% of their own electricity demand on an annual basis.

As a DEWA-licensed solar contractor, Enerwhere offers all services required for a full turnkey solar installation, including:

  • Design & permitting
  • Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC)
  • Testing & commissioning
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Financing (optional), e.g. as power purchase agreement (PPA)

Learn more at our dedicated page for the Shams Dubai solar program.

Or get started on your own solar installation by telling us a little about your project. Once we receive your request our sales team will be in touch to discuss the possibilities with you.