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Enerwhere: Solar hybrid systems & Microgrids

Hybrid / Micro-Grid Solutions

Our solar hybrid micro-grids provide reliable power for camps, islands, mines, industrial and oil & gas facilities, using our award-winning solar hybrid solutions. Available on a fully-financed (PPA) basis for periods from 2 to 20 years.

Data Analytics & Monitoring

Our advanced monitoring and control software enables real time optimization of the energy mix on microgrids ensuring maximum renewable penetration and optimal financial returns on investment.

Energy Storage & Power Quality

Our expertise in energy storage and power quality ensures that Enerwhere provides a complete solution to the client ensuring clean power supply with grid like stability and reliability.



Better efficiency brings more energy fo your money which provides better return of investment.


Our systems are built for your needs. Different load curves needs different supply combination to match the shape of the load.


Our systems are customizable for your exact needs. Whether it is peak shaving or power quality improvements or reliability of your system.


Ready to grow with your project, from 25 kW to 10 MW. In a matter of days, your system can scale up and down aligning with your energy consumption.


Our systems made to weather the harshest climates of the Middle East & Africa. They can take the desert heat, humidity and salt of the sea.


We bring the power to you, no matter where your project goes. We have systems installed from the deserts to in the middle of the sea.

“Our solar-diesel hybrid systems dramatically reduce the fuel consumption and operating cost of diesel mini-grids, while providing the same or better reliability.”
– Daniel Zywietz CEO

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