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Highly efficient and innovative solar power solutions for off-grid commercial and industrial customers

Our hybrid systems

Enerwhere is the world’s leading provider of solar generator rental solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our solar-hybrid plants combine the low costs and environmental benefits of solar PV with the reliability of diesel generators or batteries, to deliver unmatched performance 24/7.

We offer these solutions through Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs), meaning that we take care of the financial burden associated with the high capital requirement of the plants, and customers only pay for the energy they consume.

How does solar rental work?

What can I save?

What do I need to get started?

How does this work?

With the scale-up of solar capacity around the world, solar power has recently become the cheapest source of electricity in the Middle East and Africa. However, even with more than 320 days of sunshine per year, there will be times when the sun doesn’t shine. For this reason, Enerwhere’s solar hybrid generator rental systems combine solar panels with diesel generators in one seamless, synchronized package.

If existing diesel generators are relatively new and efficient, Enerwhere will simply add its rapid-deployment solar kits and synchronize the plant with its proprietary hybrid controllers. If the existing generators are due for replacement, Enerwhere can also provide high-efficiency diesel generators as part of a package.

In either case, the full solar-diesel hybrid solution will provide reliable power 24/7, independent of time, seasons or weather. Enerwhere’s experienced technical team will take care of installation, operation & maintenance, and remote monitoring, thereby offering an all-in hassle-free package.

What can I save?

Introducing solar into a conventional diesel generator-based mini-grid can save anywhere from 20-50% of the diesel fuel consumption. With the addition of battery storage, fuel savings can increase up to 100%. Reducing the load on the diesel generators can also allow customers to reduce the size of the generator, and save ongoing maintenance costs.

The exact financial savings from adding solar depend on the shape of the load curve, the operating schedule, and the contract duration. In general, the higher the share of power that is consumed during day time, and the more continuous the demand is, the lower the cost will be.

For customers looking to start saving without upfront investment, Enerwhere can supply also solar-hybrid power on a the basis of a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA), with contract duration as short as 6 months.

What do I need to get started?

Trying our solar systems is easy – just get started by providing us some details on you project, and we will contact you to discuss your requirement and to schedule a site visit of one of our sales engineers. The engineer will review your current energy consumption and assess the suitability of your site to come up with the optimal solar-hybrid system configuration.

In order to make the assessment process as simple and fast as possible, please have a list of your loads and your fuel consumption records of the last 12 months ready. This will help us quickly understand your consumption profile and optimize the size of the solar generator system to maximize the savings.