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Dubai Uptown Tower

Construction site fully powered by Enerwhere solar-hybrid power system

Reliable power to get your project done on time and on budget

Construction projects typically rely on diesel generators to power the site offices, labor accommodation, tower cranes, pumps, concrete batching plants, and other equipment on site. These diesel generators are expensive, polluting and require constant maintenance, and even then they have a habit of breaking down at the worst moment.

Wouldn’t it be great to have reliable, cost-effective power with far less downtime, noise and pollution?

Enerwhere has demonstrated the reliability of our solar-diesel and solar-battery hybrid generator systems on more than 30 construction projects across the Middle East, with greatly reduced fuel consumption, cost and emissions compared to conventional, diesel-only solutions.

Combining solar energy with high-efficiency diesel generators in one synchronized package enables the lowest fuel costs and emissions, while providing reliable power 24/7. Enerwhere has extensive experience in supplying construction power, from single-unit solar-battery systems for small site offices to multi-MW systems powering large multiple tower cranes and rest areas for up several thousand workers.

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