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Multiplex Office at Dubai Mall Extension Construction Site in Zabeel


Construction projects typically rely on diesel generators to power the equipment associated with large-scale real estate developments and infrastructure projects. While these power demands are significant, their daily demand profile corresponds well with solar energy production. Enerwhere provides solar-diesel and solar-battery hybrid generator systems for these applications, which greatly reduce the fuel consumption and cost compared to conventional diesel-only solutions. Read more


Temporary accommodation is required in many industries, from construction to oil & gas. Nearly by definition, the power supply of these camps is a challenge, as local electricity grids are typically not available or do not have enough capacity to meet the sudden increase in demand. Read more


Adding renewable energy to mining power grids driven by conventional diesel generators reduces operating costs and thereby helps mining companies weather adverse events like load shedding and drops in commodity prices. Read more

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry often operates in remote locations, without sufficient access to reliable power grids. Enerwhere provides a range of solar-diesel, solar-gas and solar-battery hybrid power solutions suitable for remote operations like exploration camps, wellhead equipment, drilling rigs and gas-liquid separation facilities. Read more


For factories without a stable grid connection, Enerwhere’s solar mini-grids reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generators, while improving power quality and reducing spinning reserve requirements. Read more

Warehouses and Logistics

Warehouses and logistics centers have significant energy demands, particularly when when cold storage sections are included. At the same time, the large, open rooftops of these facilities are ideally suited to the installation of rooftop solar power plants. Read more


Farming in arid regions with insufficient or variable rainfall requires water for irrigation, which is often provided by diesel pumps. With increasing diesel prices, these pumps become a major cost item, reducing operating cash flows and margins. Enerwhere offers solar-hybrid and solar-only power solutions suitable for water pumping & irrigation, as well as cold-storage and related food-processing facilities. Read more


Islands offer fundamental challenges for any energy supply, as the cost of running a power line or even supplying fuel to local generators are often several times what the same would cost on the mainland. For this reason energy tends to be supplied by diesel generators at very high costs. Today, Enerwhere’s solar-diesel and solar-battery hybrid systems offer an excellent solution to reducing the fuel consumption, cost and environmental footprint of these generators. Read more

If you are not part of any of these industries, get in touch with us, and we will work on providing you with a power solution tailored to your needs.