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BNEF Press Release

Enerwhere: The Dubai Startup Mixing Oil, Solar and Data

Dubai, 19 April 2018

We are delighted that Bloomberg New Energy Finance wrote a case study on Enerwhere, “The Dubai Startup Mixing Oil, Solar and Data”:

“Enerwhere’s example can offer a glimpse at what future energy service companies may look like. Because of their higher energy cost, customers reliant on diesel fuel offer a testbed for new technologies such as storage, integrated energy management, efficient cooling and resiliency that are still too expensive for mainstream applications but expected to become more competitive.

The way in which Enerwhere uses data analysis and targeted energy efficiency measures such as advanced air-conditioning to directly reduce the cost of on-site power illustrates how integrated energy planning can reduce overall energy expenditure and reliability, and boost the share of clean energy generation.”

You can find the rest of the case study on the Bloomberg New Energy Finance service: