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Warehouses and Logistics

Al Shola Logistics Warehouse Rooftop Solar

Warehouses and logistics centers have significant energy demands, particularly when when cold storage sections are included.

At the same time, the large, open rooftops of these facilities are ideally suited to the installation of rooftop solar power plants. This creates the opportunity of offsetting the majority or even all of the facilities’ energy consumption with solar power, thereby dramatically reducing energy costs.

Enerwhere’s modular, scalable solar power solutions can be scaled easily from a few hundred kW for small local warehouses up to multi-MW systems to power regional distribution centers.

In Dubai, DEWA’s “Shams Dubai” net metering program allows the sale of surplus electricity back to the grid, thereby allowing customers to offset up to 100% of their annual energy consumption with low-cost solar power. In other locations where net metering has not yet been implemented (like the Northern Emirates), a rooftop solar system can nevertheless cover up to 30% of a facilities annual energy consumption.