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What we do


ON-GRID & OFF-GRID services for industrial and commercial customers in Middle East and Africa 

Solar Hybrid Systems

Enerwhere’s globally unique business model and technology allow it to provide solar-hybrid power and solar cooling on temporary contracts as short as 6 months and with zero capital investment from the customer, thereby overcoming the key hurdles holding back solar investment for customers with off-grid power demands. Read more

Solar Rooftop Systems

For customers who are grid connected, we offer a solar rooftop solution under Shams Dubai Solar program. This program is based on the principle of ‘net metering’, and allows customers to install solar panels to produce their own power, reducing their electricity bill every month. Any surplus electricity not used immediately is sold back to the grid at the same price, and at the end of the month only the net amount is billed to the customer. Should a customer produce more energy in one month than he / she has consumed, DEWA allows rolling over these kWhs to the next month. Read more

Data monitoring

Enerwhere collects over 2GB of data a day and analyses it on a minute by minute basis to improve the power supply to its clients. It has started research on machine learning and artificial intelligence to further improve its offering.